I’ve just released a new video on YouTube! Learn the story behind the world’s most popular hymn, “Amazing Grace.”
Here are some samples of work in spoken word production, song production, and composition. Click the black triangle to start playing a selection. For more examples, please check out my portfolio.

Spoken Word Production

Echoes of Tattered Tongues audiobook by John Guzslowski. Read by Jon Brandi; recorded, edited, and mastered by Tom Bajoras.
Voice-over demo by Yoly Tolentino. © 2013 Yoly Tolentino.
Excerpt from Makers of Fire by Alex McManus, audiobook read by Nic Nelson.
Excerpt from The Strange Disappearance of Henry Allison, audio drama extreme.
© 2015 Run Diesel Productions.

Song Production

For My Girls 6-song EP recorded, mixed, and produced by Tom Bajoras.
The Annex 4-song EP recorded, mixed, and produced by Tom Bajoras.
“Lips Touch” by Andrew Dorsey. © 2012 Andrew Dorsey.
“The Other Side of Silence” by Hamlet’s Mill. © 2000 Creepy Desert Music.
“Old and Grey” by Craig Paddock. Recorded and produced by Tom Bajoras.
Songs of Day and Night CD recorded, mixed, and produced by Tom Bajoras.
“Catch Up” by Jenni Fiederer. Vocal and guitar produced by Tom Bajoras.



“On Earth” by © 2014 Tom Bajoras.
“Fractured” (film trailer) by © 2017 Tom Bajoras.


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