City of Dreams

One of Los Angeles’ great cultural treasures is its street murals. This sprawling metropolis of 34,000 square miles offers an endless canvas for street artists: buildings, walls, freeways, stores, offices, and playgrounds. In this video I perform music inspired by LA street murals in 21 different locations around the city!


By Day or by Night

I started playing piano and writing music when I was just a young child in Pennsylvania. My earliest musical memory is of hymns. Thus began a lifelong musical journey that has included moving to Los Angeles, playing in bands, making records, and writing music in a wide range of styles. Most recently, while sheltering in my studio during the pandemic, I revisited some of the hymns that I heard as a child. By Day or by Night is a collection of these hymns arranged for solo piano. I hope they can bring calm in these anxious times.

Surprised By Beauty

January 2, 2015 was the start of the most difficult time I’ve ever gone through. That day, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer called neuroendocrine tumor (“NET”). It’s the same kind of cancer that took the lives of Steve Jobs and Aretha Franklin. There’s no cure (yet) for NET, but there are ways to manage it as a chronic condition, and it’s actually possible to live with it for a long time. There are about 170,000 people in just the US, including myself, living with NET.

It’s been quite a journey. People ask me how I’m doing, and my standard answer is “it’s complicated.” I think to say it’s been “bad” would be over-simplifying it. Of course there have been many difficult things, but there have also been many surprisingly beautiful things.

Surprised By Beauty is the music I wrote from 2015 to 2018, inspired by my journey with NET. I don’t know what your journey is. It might be cancer, or it might be something completely different, but all of us sooner or later go through times of suffering. When you are going through those times, I hope this music will comfort you.

You can listen to samples below, and you can buy or download the CD or individual tracks. You can also stream the music on all the popular music services like Spotify and Apple Music and watch music videos on YouTube.

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