Blogging About Blogging

This is not just my first entry on this blog; this is in fact my first blog entry anywhere. I’ll start off by saying that I don’t really like writing. You might wonder then why does this guy have a blog? Well, sometimes I do things that I don’t like (and I don’t do some things that I do like), because I thereby occasionally discover that I like things that I didn’t think I’d like. (One recent example, brussel sprouts, comes to mind.) If we stayed forever in our safety zones, then we’d all still be eating baby food and listening to “Wheels on the Bus.”

Lest you fear that you’re only participating in someone’s experiment to discover whether he likes to write, I also think that along the way I might write something that makes you smile or makes you curious, or who knows, maybe even annoys you. I have no pretense that you’ll like everything I write, but I’ll end with this: Someone once told me that, on the average, it’s almost impossible to say anything that more than 70% of your audience likes. This applies to all forms of self-expression, including of course music. So if it ever seems like 100% of your audience likes what you just said, then chances are you didn’t actually say anything.

So, I hope I just said something.


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