Hair Color

I find it odd that “race” is mostly defined by the darkness of a person’s skin. This seems like an arbitrary distinction, because there are so many other parameters of the human body, any one of which could be used to create categories.

For example, imagine what the world would be like if we had decided to define “race” by hair color instead of skin color…

– Cities divided into neighborhoods, each one having a particular color hair.

– People with a particular hair color would be more likely to be wealthy, educated, employed, and owning their own home.

– Certain professions would be mostly the same hair color.

– People would have insulting slang terms for people with different hair colors.

– People with different hair colors would listen to different kinds of music, have their own TV channels, and would be eligible for hair color specific scholarship programs.

– Some marriages that are currently interracial would no longer be, and vice versa.

– You’d hear someone say “You wouldn’t understand; it’s a brunette thing.”

– You could be in danger for having the wrong hair color in a particular place or situation. You might even lose your life for it.

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  1. Ed says:

    England had this once.
    Why do you think they started
    wearing powdered wigs?

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