How to End a Drought

Some people have asked what to do when you’re in a dry spell as a creative person. We’ve all been there: You just feel burnt out, not enjoying what you’re doing, and you start to wonder if you’ll ever write another song again (or write a story, or paint a picture, or whatever it is you do). Here are three things that I’ve found work for me as a composer.

  • Take the pressure off and just allow yourself to have a period of time (weeks, months, or maybe even a year) where you don’t write anything. During that time instead just enjoy music. Listen to your favorite CDs, go to concerts, and rediscover what made you first want to become a composer.
  • Collaborate with someone else.  Work with another composer, or a lyricist, or a choreographer, or a filmmaker.
  • Learn something new. For example, if you’re a pianist, try learning to play violin. Or if you’re a composer, trying writing poetry.

I hope this helps end your drought!

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  1. Chuck says:

    Not in your field Tom, as you know, but great thoughts and appreciate the ideas.

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