How You Know You’re an OCD Music Producer

Come on, admit it, we’ve all done some of these.

  • The track sounds good at -5.9 dB, so you nudge it to -6.0.
  • The edit sounds fine without a crossfade, but you add one anyway.
  • There’s no way in the world anyone is going to hear that extraneous string sound on the acoustic guitar in the mix with 15 other instruments, but you go ahead and fade around it anyway.
  • The last lead vocal take was perfect, but you ask the singer to do another one “just to be safe.”
  • Gotta remove that noise that’s down at -60 dB.
  • You roll off everything below 20 Hz and above 20 KHz on the master fader.
  • They had to take away your autotune.
  • Your current project has folders with names like “My project at 11pm,” “my project at 11:10pm,” “My project backup #32,” and “My project version 41.13b.2f.”

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