Spoken Word Production

Echoes of Tattered Tongues audiobook by John Guzslowski. Read by Jon Brandi; recorded, edited, and mastered by Tom Bajoras.
Voice-over demo by Yoly Tolentino. © 2013 Yoly Tolentino.
Excerpt from Makers of Fire by Alex McManus, audiobook read by Nic Nelson.
Excerpt from The Strange Disappearance of Henry Allison, audio drama extreme.
© 2015 Run Diesel Productions.

Song Production

Songs of Day and Night CD recorded, mixed, and produced by Tom Bajoras.
For My Girls 6-song EP recorded, mixed, and produced by Tom Bajoras.
The Annex 4-song EP recorded, mixed, and produced by Tom Bajoras.
“Lips Touch” by Andrew Dorsey. © 2012 Andrew Dorsey.
“Birth” (from Emmanuel) by Tom Bajoras. Vocals by Yoly Tolentino.
“May Angels Save Us” by James Clarke. © 2012 James Clarke.
“The Other Side of Silence” by Hamlet’s Mill. © 2000 Creepy Desert Music.
“Catch Up” by Jenni Fiederer. Vocal and guitar produced by Tom Bajoras.
“Songs of Deliverance” by Grace Wang. © 2007 Grace Wang.
“Stage of Mercy” by Michael Green. © 2005 Michael Green.
“Old and Grey” by Craig Paddock. Recorded and produced by Tom Bajoras.
“Beethoven Sonata No. 3 in C Major (excerpt)” performed by Jacinth Greywoode.



“On Earth” by © 2014 Tom Bajoras.
“Fractured” (film trailer) by © 2017 Tom Bajoras.
“When the Morning Stars Sang Together” © 2005 Tom Bajoras.
“Pan-Galactic Mega-Groove” © 1989 Tom Bajoras.


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