Production for Bands, Singers, and Songwriters

Services for bandsI have a passion for helping “undiscovered” talent realize their potential. I enjoy working with new bands and singer/songwriters who need my production expertise to create truly great demo recordings or albums. Even if you’ve never set foot in a real studio before, I’ll help you achieve amazing results!

Musicians and voice artists say that I’m encouraging, creative, clever, friendly, fun, wise, and helpful. In addition to the services on the left, I offer mentoring, talent development, and coaching.

Music Composition and Recording

Hands at keyboardIf you need a musical composition for a film soundtrack, promotional video, or other purpose, I can write and record an excellent piece of music for you. Whether you need a contemplative piano track, a powerful rock song, a string arrangement, or a full orchestral piece, I have the tools to get it done, and I can utilize the best session musicians from around the country for your project.

Voice-Over Narration

studio_readingLet’s say you have a product demo, slide show, or marketing video that requires voice-over narration. First, I’ll record your narration. It will be an absolutely fantastic recording! But of course, there might be some small mistakes; maybe a slight stumble over a word; maybe a cough. I’ll fix all those things and make you sound like a professional. I’ll adjust the levels wherever something is too loud or too soft, and I’ll master the sound to industry standards.

In short, you’ll sound like a narrator-god when it’s done! I’ll convert your slideshow into a video with the narration sync’d up to it exactly, and I’ll make sure it works correctly on YouTube. All you need to do is give me the slides or video in whatever format you have them in, come into the studio, and record the narration. I’ll do everything else!

I’ll go through a similar process if you want to record an audio book. I’m familiar with all of Audible’s and iTunes’ format standards and requirements for audio book recordings. If you’re not doing the reading yourself, I have relationships with a number of professional voice actors in Los Angeles, so I can match you up with the right voice for your project.

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