I record, compose, and produce most of my work in my personal studio. When you hire me, I’ll use my studio to complete your project if it is appropriate. But, you can hire me to work in any studio. In fact, I have relationships with other studios that have different strengths than mine, so we can do part of your project in my studio and part in another studio if necessary. Whatever is best for your project!

Software and File Compatibility

WaveformsI use industry-standard professional software, so all the files we create will be compatible with most other studios. You can record drum tracks in another studio, record vocals in my studio, and mix in my studio, for example. Or you can record vocals and guitars in my studio, and mix in another studio. Files can be transferred back and forth across the Internet. I know lots of amazing musicians around the world who are available to contribute to your project if you wish. These days, you should think of the whole world as your studio!

Hardware and Plugins

SynthesizerI use top-of-the-line hardware in my studio. My main vocal recording mic is a large-diaphragm premium condenser vocal mic which goes into a classic preamp. I have a wide variety of other outboard gear, as well as virtual versions of practically every classic keyboard you can think of, including Minimoog, ARP 2600, Yamaha CS80, Mellotron, Rhodes, and Hammond organ. Sample libraries include an incredible grand piano, orchestral libraries, and ethnic instruments from around the world.

The Vocal Booth

Vocal boothThe vocal booth has been meticulously designed and professionally calibrated to minimize reflections and standing waves. Basically, it is an ideal environment for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, and electric guitars.  It is completely soundproof, so you can be sure that your recordings will be free of any outside sounds.

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